Bottoms Scheme implementation project
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Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists used by the Bottoms project. One is public ("bottoms-public"), the other private ("bottoms-private"). If you're a project member, you should be subscribed to both, and you're free to choose which one you send your messages to (don't send the same message to both).

Anyone can read the public list archive here, and send posts to

There's no archiving of the private list other than in its member's personal mail accounts. Please don't make any messages, or parts thereof, sent to this list public, unless you've gotten their writers' permission to do so.

You can take a public discussion private by editing the mailing list address after hitting 'reply to all' (or 'reply to list' or whatever your mailer calls it), or do the inverse (taking it public), but in the latter case don't quote other people unless it's obvious that they won't mind (or, again, you've got their permission).

The lists are not forcing replies to the list (no Reply-To header is added). They are also not adding the list name to the subject (saving space; I'm assuming that you filter list mails to a separate mailbox).


Anyone can subscribe to the public mailing list by sending an (empty) email to:

Your first post(s) to the list will be moderated until I add you to a white list, to protect from spamming. The mailing list archive doesn't show your email address to prevent email address harvesters from getting at it.

If you'd like to participate in the project, please send me a mail where you say so, with 1-3 sentences about your background or what or how much you're expecting to contribute or participate about if you know already. I'll then add you to both the bottoms-private and (if you're not subscribed already) the bottoms-public lists and white-list you, and send a mail to bottoms-private welcoming you and giving the updated list of participants. Please send your mail from the mail account that you will be using to send messages, or otherwise tell me the mail address(es) you'll use.

For a few old messages you might want to check the SICP London meetup forum and mailing list.


The mailing list archive is formatted by a program written by Christian. Tell him if you've got suggestions for improvements.