Bottoms Scheme implementation project
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Christian will try to be in the #bottoms IRC channel on the network most of the time (if he's not, send him / notify him by email). He's got a setup that sends him email notification when you mention his nickname (pflanze) and he doesn't reply within 5 minutes, but it only works when you can see him logged in.

Perhaps we can figure out at which times we're all most likely working on something project related between meet-ups, and list those times here so that there's a higher chance to meet each other here and/or get immediate responses.

The channel is currently not publicly logged, and that should perhaps stay that way, thus the same rules apply as for the private mailing list. Note that the channel is not moderated at this time, though, anyone can join.

If you chatted about something that's also relevant to the others, please send a post to one of the mailing lists afterwards (don't forget the privacy rule).